'Live at Wacken' DVD

- May 10, 2017

The full concert, now available on DVD, on amazon. Completely live, no overdubs. available Jan 20 2015!!!! Now available on amazon.de

Rock Candy

- April 25, 2017

New and exciting rock mag out now, created and written by those who were actually there in the 80's
get it now

Cyprus Rocks

- April 25, 2017

Cyprus Rocks takes place from Oct 4 to Oct 11. Letz Zep are pleased to announce they will headline the main stage on Saturday 7th October.
A great holiday in a beautiful location with some fantastic bands.
Not to be missed, Letz party in Cyprus!! - head over to the website for more info.

What goes on tour don't stay on tour

- February 21, 2017

Author Billy Kulke is best known as the charismatic lead singer of the official number one Tribute to Led Zeppelin. But what isn’t so well known is that through his shrewd management and  guidance through the pitfalls of the notoriously cut-throat world of the music industry, Billy has guided the band from humble beginnings playing small pub gigs, to performing on the biggest stages in the world, working with some of the biggest names in music.
Simply the most famous and successful tribute to Led Zeppelin on the planet! Even meeting Led Zeppelin themselves, and performing at their prestigious launch parties, legendary Zep vocalist Robert Plant saying it was like watching himself on-stage ‘I walked in, I saw me’ was his comment.
So how did he do it? What is the secret of his success? What is it that makes Letz Zep such an international touring force? Selling out venues all over the world, playing to packed houses and rave reviews.
available in paperback and kindle and also on sale now - https://newworldmusic.com/uk/downloads/bk724-rock-god/

Letz Zep Acoustic

- January 27, 2016

Letz Zep are pleased to bring their acoustic show to the UK, the band will be joined onstage by the singing talents of Sylvia Perett, from the band Wild-Heart. In 1975, Led Zeppelin performed a series of legendary shows at Earls Court. They held there aftershow parties at The Troubadour, where Led Zeppelin would get up on the stage an jam through the night
Letz Zep performed their acoustic set at the same venue, on the same stage.
''Jimmy Page was in on Monday and I mentioned this was happening… he looked at me, smiled, and whispered, "Yeah… cool man'

Tales of Storms 2016

- January 7, 2016

45 years ago legendary Led Zeppelin released what many people believe to be their best work, their untitled fourth album. Usually called simply Led Zeppelin IV.
This seminal album changed the face of rock music forever, setting the bar ever higher. Re-writing the rule book, Led Zeppelin IV featured eight classic rock songs including ‘Black Dog’, ‘Rock and Roll’ and the song most people recognise them by ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

The album is one of the best-selling albums worldwide at 37 million copies, with a 23-times platinum certification. It is one of the top five best-selling album of all time with Writers and critics have regularly cited it on lists of rock's greatest albums.

Prior to the albums released, Led Zeppelin were one of the very first bands to perform in Japan, receiving the city medal from the Mayor of Hiroshima in recognition of this. Where they performed songs from the album for the first time.

Their first ever show at The Budokan, Tokyo, was to be recorded for future release, but the sounds of the thunder storm that hit the city marred the recording and the tapes were wiped.

In recognition of this, Letz Zep have named their 2016 World Tour as the ‘Tales of Storms’ tour 2016.
To mark the 45th anniversary, Letz Zep will be recreating this show (minus the storms we hope) by performing songs from the The Budokan, Japan, 1971. Featuring the now timeless classics from Led Zeppelin’s legendary fourth album
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