'Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary Tour'

World Tour 2018

Letz Zep are the Official Number One tribute to Led Zeppelin

and Baby They Ain't Foolin'

An achievement marked by the Authoritative Ticketmaster Organisation, when they awarded Letz Zep with the status of both ‘The Most Popular’ and ‘The Most Highly Rated’ tribute to Led Zeppelin in the UK today.

Letz Zep are honoured and proud to be invited to headline a concert to celebrate the life and legacy of the great John Bonham, on his hometown of Redditch on Sept 22. In the year marking his 70th birthday on the 50th anniversary of the formation of Led Zeppelin and the unveiling of a statue to the legendary percussionists.

Letz Zep are the best known and most successful tribute to Led Zeppelin.

Legendary Zep frontman Robert Plant attended a Letz Zep concert. When interviewed in Q Magazine he said that he came to see Letz Zep to understand how he was perceived in his heyday.
Speaking of vocalist Billy Kulke's performance Plant continued to say it was like watching himself onstage! Quoted as saying - -

'I walked in, I saw me'

Plant also Letz Zep his blessing on an interview on VH1, where he gave his view on the band.

''Ö.we looked back to get our music. And if this band (Letz Zep) by playing that music go somewhere new it's a continuum. The cycle goes on and on, and one song leads to another." - Robert Plant VH1

Both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have attended gigs by Letz Zep, and they were suitably impressed, Page himself invited Letz Zep to perform at their prestigious official launch party for Led Zeppelin's 'Mothership' CD, In Soho, London.

Letz Zep not only performed at The Official Launch Party for the 'Mothership' CD, but were also invited to The Premiere of 'Celebration Day' in Hammersmith, London.
They were also invited to the re-union show at The 02 Arena,
and a special viewing for the remastered 'The Song Remains The Same' DVD.

This is only when Billy Kulke, Andy Gray and company aren't touring the world, be it in Paris for sold-out shows at the Olympia or at Heineken Arena Madrid, or festivals in Mexico or Venezuela.

Letz Zep has long since become a global phenomenon and a touring force in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Just like their peers..

The band received the ultimate accolade by being praised by Led Zeppelin themselves.

Warner Music Ltd naming the band as 'Europe's best tribute act to Led Zeppelin' and they should know, being the record lable for Led Zeppelin themselves!!

Letz Zep are the certainly most successful and in demand tribute act to Led Zeppelin on the planet, having been featured on BBC1,  BBC2  and ITV1. As well as appearing on TV and radio in Spain, France, Brazil, Venezuela, Australia, New Zealand .. to name but a few

The band had a full page feature in Rolling Stone Magazine, Classic Rock magazine', they also received a glowing full page review in Kerrang! magazine, (Twice) and interviewed for Le Figaro in France.
Letz Zep also featured as the full page front cover picture for Liberation, one of the most important newspapers in France.

The band have also featured on Planet Rock Radio, Darren Redick naming them 'The Very Best of tribute bands', and also on BBC Radio 2, where Chris Evans said of the band ''A proper rock show, 10 outta 10''

Letz Zep Live CDs are available on iTunes


and all leading download and streaming sites.

Letz Zep is a band formed by talented, experienced and respected musicians who are all true Zep fans with a strong musical pedigree.

Its members have toured with artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Roger Daltrey, Debbie Bonham, Steve Hackett, Dr Feelgood, Saxon and Uriah Heep – to name but a few.

All four members possess the considerable musical ability required to produce a completely convincing recreation of Led Zeppelin in their prime, complete with the "tight but loose" raw excitement which was the trademark of a Led Zeppelin concert.

As well as performing at major festivals word wide, including prestigious event such as Viva Latino in Mexico, Bospop in Holland and the 25th anniversary of WACKEN WOA in Germany.
Letz Zep cover the entire catalogue of their idols and keeps adding more classics to their repertoire, thus not merely delivering the obvious. Their performance is an expansive display of what the icons have created and enthuses both novices to Led Zeppelin as well as experts.

Letz Zep tours take in 34 countries on four continents, and they will be performing songs from the entire Led Zeppelin back catalogue.

From the haunting melody of Kashmir, to the rockers such as Whole Lotta Love and Black Dog. An evening of the music of the greatest rock band ever! Not be missed by fans of the genre.

Letz Zep are critically acclaimed as the leading tribute to the music of Led Zeppelin.

The band have performed in territories such as Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Slovenia,Switzerland, Greece, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Croatia, Serbia, Eire, Romania, Luxembourg, Australia, New Zealand, India and Andorra, and now dominate South America with tours in Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Uruguay. And here in their native UK.

Making Letz Zep a truly global act.

Letz Zep have also been reviewed in The  Sunday Times by Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson. He said of the band -

"If you closed your eyes you really could imagine that it was Plant and Page up there. And if you opened them again the illusion didn't really go away'

With an ever growing repertoire, of over 50 songs, covering the entire recording career of Led Zeppelin, from the rockers like ‘Black Dog’ and 'Rock and Roll' the acoustic folk style of ‘Gallows Pole’ and 'Babe I'm Going to Leave You' to the haunting melody of 'Kashmir', and the classic ‘Stairway to Heaven’

A gig by Letz Zep fully portrays the full scope of the music of Led Zeppelin.

"The Worlds Best Tribute to the great Led Zeppelin" -

Chris Evans, BBC Radio 2


Letz Zep are a touring force in the UK and Europe, where they play to packed houses and rave reviews, recently selling out the prestigious Paris Olympia (Twice) and Theatre, Madrid Heineken Arena (Three times) and The Melkweg Amsterdam, as well as a sell out night at Plaza Del Toro (The Bullring) in Madrid. Letz Zep are a popular act on festivals throughout the summer, with both promoters and audience alike, having already appeared on over 50 major festivals worldwide.

At Many of the festivals Letz Zep are headline act!
At others appearing on the same stage as Jane's Addiction, The Chemical Brothers, Bad Company, Ritchie Blackmore, Skid Row, Accept, Slayer, Motorhead, Jethro Tull and Ten Years After.

Letz Zep are now the most successful touring band in Spain of all time, with 12 major tours, and over 250 shows, more than any other band.

Letz Zep is not an exercise in nostalgia, but of revolt against time, a heart rendering shout against mediocrity and forgetfulness, faithfully recreating the sights and sounds of Led Zeppelin at their awesome best.

Bringing the music of Led Zeppelin to new generations of audience.

Confirming Letz Zep as the number 1 tribute to the music of Led Zeppelin

Photo Cirque Royal Brussels.

What people are saying about Letz Zep

 I walked in, I saw Me!!!" Robert Plant

"That was excellent! I've been hearing a lot of good things about your band, we have a lot of mutual friends so stay in touch, I'd like to come to one of your gigs" --
Jimmy Page

"I've heard of you, you're the band Robert went to see! Keep up the good work, and good luck with it" --
John Paul Jones

'"Hey Man, that's some f****ng voice you got there, you must be on f*****ng helium to get that f*****ng high"
Ozzy Osbourne

''A great live band'' Alvin Lee - Ten Years After

''You can't have too much of a good thing...here's Letz Zep' - Jeremy Paxman BBC2 Newsnight

'Plant may have turned his back on umpteen millions to reform Led Zeppelin, but he is not adverse to the odd moment of nostalgia. He's personally checked out Letz Zep in concert. They were once threatened with legal action over using a photo of Plant on posters, before Led Zeppelin's management realised it was a picture of Letz Zep's own singer Billy Kulke'  - Virgin Media News

..The Best tribute to Led Zeppelin" BBC Newsnight

'Better than a Led Zeppelin re-union' Kerrang!

''The best tribute to the great Led Zeppelin - Kerrang! - Spain

"If you want to get the 'Led out' and Page and Plant are otherwise engaged, then the only real option you've got is; Letz Zep! Billy Plant and the boyz will take you through a roller coaster ride of all the classics like you have never heard them before and are unlikely to ever hear again, if Bob and Jim don't start talking to each other soon, but that's another story. If you can't get the real brew, then this is the closest to the real thing that you are ever likely to see and hear, the playing is impeccable and the Band rocks just like the real thing. Brilliant!"
Janick Gers......Iron Maiden

"The closest you will get to the real thing"
BBC1 London News

''You do  a great job keeping the music alive, it;s amazing''
Whispering Bob Harris - Legend!

"If you closed your eyes you really could imagine that it was Plant and Page up there. And if you opened them again the illusion didn't really go away. The lead singer even seemed to have a length of authentic hosepipe down his trousers"
Jeremy Clarkson - The Sunday Times

''You know it isn't the real thing, but still  a lot of fun''  James May  - Top Gear

''The very best of tribute bands' -- Darren Redick'' - Planet Rock Radio

''A proper rock concert, Ten outta Ten'' Chris Evans BBC Radio 2

''Led Zeppelin for the new generation'' -- Musicmaker Holland

''Closer to the original is not possible'' - Written in Music, Amsterdam

''It is rare to see bands of this quality, it's the closest most people will ever get to a Led Zeppelin show.   Anyone who is skeptical about tribute acts would definitely be forced to have a rethink after hearing what these guys can do'' -- Julia Collins This is Kent

'I've heard so many good things about your band, I have to come to your next gig'
Fearne Cotton TV presenter

"Two hours and twelve minutes of precision, technique, nostalgia, passion and all the adjectives that you want to add. A magnificent, magnificent concert" -
Antonio Ramero Planeto Sonoro - Madrid

"There's a band on tour at the moment called Letz Zep They're fantastic and I recommend you go see them"
Jonathan Ross BBC Radio 2

"You'r e still the best"
Nikki Chapman - judge Pop Idol

''There are tribute bands and then there is Letz Zep, who are monsters, they play in a different league than the others''  -
Metal Portal - Spain.

'' it should be mandatory for every ďZepĒ-fan to have a Letz Zep concert date scheduled in their calendar'¬† - Saarbrucken News - Germany

''Every fan of Led Zeppelin, should have been there. Letz Zep are almost Led Zeppelin ... This band has proven to be the worlds best'' Hard Rock Mag - Hungary

"Sounds amazin'" -- Steve Winwood

"You guys have it all nailed...very enjoyable!"
Dave Lewis - Tight but Loose

"Not only do Letz Zep Perform on stage but apparently re-create their more notorious back stage antics too!"

Amsterdam Weekly

"When I first heard the music of Plant and Page, I was disappointed that there would be no chance of seeing these legendary artists perform again, but I think that now I may have seen the next best thing"
David Malkin - Peterboro' Telegraph

''If you get a chance to see them and you love Zeppelin then this is the nearest to the real thing you’re gonna get''¬† Stockport Times

"Letz Zep are truly astonishing and are masters of the art of delivering live music the way it should be done, with feeling, integrity and talent"
Gary Robinson - Peterboro Herald and Post

"No Matter how little Led Zeppelin you may have listened too, this concert is one not to miss. Not just for the music, but for the excitement, the atmosphere and the whole aura surrounding those excellent performers onstage"
The Lynn News

"Baby they aint foolin" -
Westminster Times

"One of the best nights out I have EVER had"
Derek Pringle - Daily Telegraph

''Letz Zep stormed their way through a two-hour set, churning out classics like Stairway to Heaven, Communication Breakdown and Achilles Last Stand, all played to perfection, heart on sleeve!
I won't leave the Astor Theatre on such a high again

Chris Dolan - East Kent Mercury

''There are a lot of tribute bands out there - but Letz Zep are something else.They really are the closest thing to the original and long may they continue keeping this remarkable music alive'' - Michael Broomhead - Derbyshire Times

''Better than this you will not encounter. It is not difficult to understand why Letz Zep widely regarded as the best Led Zeppelin tribute band'' Blues Mag - Holland

''They truly are the best Led Zeppelin tribute band there is, and I risk a lynching, but dare I say that perhaps the ever possibly better than Led Zeppelin in 2007'' Mariskal Rock - Spain

''Led Zeppelin convincingly brought to life'' Rock Portal Holland

''how it is possible to be so good?'' Du Monde - France

''With Letz Zep -The Song Remains The Same'' Culture Box - France.

''A highly recommended show'' ROCK - Spain.

''The most glorious music, thank you Letz Zep'' Jevitron Spain.

''As the real Plant has put the kibosh on any more Zeppelin reunions, seeing Letz Zep is the next best thing'' The Argus - Brighton

''From the bottom of my heart, Letz Zep, I thank you'' Lynn News



Le groupe Anglais Led Zeppelin a fait rocker le monde entier en 1968, explosant sur la scène musicale avec une combinaison de heavy guitares, blues et folk musique. 

Elu le groupe N¬į 1 de tous les temps par le magazine Rolling Stone,¬†Led Zeppelin est aussi consid√©r√© comme √©tant le groupe le plus influent de l’histoire du rock. Son empreinte est toujours vive de nos jours sur les jeunes g√©n√©rations de musiciens. Quand¬†¬†Led Zeppelin a d√©cid√© de se reformer et de jouer live pour la 1√®re fois apr√®s 27 ans d’absence (London’s 02 Arena en D√©cembre 2007), c’est en quelques minutes seulement que s’√©coul√®rent les 20.000 billets d’entr√©e, laissant 20 millions de fans frustr√©s !¬†

On comprend ais√©ment que ce groupe ph√©nom√©nal ait engendr√© des tribute bands. L’un d’entre eux est le groupe anglais Letz Zep, commun√©ment consid√©r√© comme le meilleur groupe hommage √†¬†Led Zeppelin.¬†

Letz Zep est en tourn√©e internationale depuis 5 ans. Tellement pointus dans la reproduction du groupe original, ils laissent souvent les fans bluff√©s et troubl√©s. Robert Plant lui-m√™me, √† l'issue d’un de leur show, a dit : "I walked in - I saw me"!! (Je suis venu - je me suis vu !") -Interview Q Magazine-. Quant √† lui, Jimmy Page leur a d√©clar√© : "j'aimerais venir jouer avec vous un de ces jours".¬†

Letz Zep a été récompensé par une invitation à venir jouer à la fête de lancement du dernier album de Led Zeppelin "Mothership", établissant ainsi leur suprématie dans leur domaine et gagnant un nombre incalculable de fans, y compris dans le monde des médias et des célébrités. 

Un concert de Letz Zep n'est pas juste un exercice stylé de nostalgiques, c'est surtout du rock & roll de très haut niveau, une révolte contre le temps qui passe, et rappelle combien Led Zeppelin est une source d'inspiration éternelle. 

Letz Zep est formé de musiciens talentueux, expérimentés et respectés, dotés de fortes identités musicales. Le chanteur est de surcroit doté d'une incroyable ressemblance avec Robert Plant. Sa performance est si convaincante que le management de Led Zeppelin les aurait confondus. Robert Plant dit que c'est comme s'il se regardait lui-même sur scène.


Oficialmente declarada la banda tributo numero uno de Led Zeppelin en el Reino Unido,.

Letz Zep nació con el propósito de ser una banda homenaje de uno de los grupos de rock más importantes que han surgido en el panorama musical de todos los tiempos, Led Zeppelin.

El grupo homenaje Letz Zep recupera el directo de esta banda y transmite vivamente su m√ļsica y el ambiente que en sus conciertos se creaba. No quieren suplantar al grupo al contrario, lo tratan con mucho respeto incluso Robert Plant ha felicitado a su sosia Billy Kulke. Tienen la bendici√≥n de Jimmy Page y Robert Plant¬† que vio al grupo actuando, dijo: “Soy yo en el escenario”.

En aproximadamente dos horas de concierto se repasa la discograf√≠a de Led Zeppel√≠n con “Escalera al cielo”, “Whole lotta love”, “Rock roll”, etc..., la lista es muy larga.

Letz Zep es la √ļnica forma de escuchar todas las canciones de Led Zeppelin en directo. Es uno de los mejores grupos tributo de Inglaterra.
. Siempre han tenido una gran afluencia de p√ļblico y muy buenas cr√≠ticas de la prensa.

Todos los miembros de la banda tienen una larga carrera musical y mucha calidad. Los une el inter√©s com√ļn de reproducir la m√ļsica de Zeppelin.

Ültimamente han tocado  en  Hungría, Grecia, Alamania, Italia, Hollanday Francia
donde han tenido un gran éxito. En febrero tienen previsto actuar en Brasil y Mexico.