Iron Maiden at Letz Zep show

- March 19, 2005

Iron Maiden guitarist Janick Gers recently attended a Letz Zep show, and was so impressed that when he met the the band afterwards he offered to write a brief review, which runs as follows:

"If you want to get the 'Led out' and Page and Plant are otherwise engaged, then the only real option you've got is Letz Zep! Billy Plant and the boyz will take you through a roller coaster ride of all the classics like you are unlikely to ever hear again if Robert and Jimmy don't start talking to each other soon, but that's another story. If you can't get the real brew, then this is the closest to the real thing that you are ever likely to see and hear, the playing is impeccable and the Band rocks just like the real thing. Brilliant!"
Cheers Janick!!

Janick Gers, Iron maiden at a Letz Zep show

John Paul Jones in Frankfurt

- January 6, 2005

Letz Zep drummer Simon Jeffrey was introduced to none other than John Paul Jones himself, receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award. Simon had a good old chat with JPJ, who said he'd heard of Letz Zep and remembered that Robert Plant attended a Letz Zep show), and found that amusing.
Simon continues 'He was more than happy to pose with me for a pic, even though I'm nearly ripping his shoulder off with my grip! All in all it was a great honour to meet him and an opportunity I wont forget.'
John Paul Jones wished Letz Zep 'All the best!' and said he hoped to catch the band live one day.

Robert Plant at Letz Zep show

- February 1, 2003

Legendary Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant was seen at a Letz Zep show in London.
Interviewed in Q Magazine he said '

'I had heard of Letz Zep, I was told some good things about the band, and I knew how ridiculous I looked then - I mean I look ridiculous now - but I wanted to see how other people saw me.
''I walked in, I saw me, and made immediate eye contact with the singer'' 
"They were playing The Ocean and they all looked up from the stage and I was like God, I've been sussed. "I thought what do I do now? Do I get up and do The Battle Of Evermore with this guy?

He also spoke on VH1 TV about the band, he continued.

'I'm a big supporter of Live music, and if kids today go see Letz Zep, and what they are inspired by what they hear to pick up an instrument and start a band, and go on to create new music, then that is fine by me. The Circle turns'

Letz Zep vocalist Billy Kulke was invited to The Hammersmith Apollo, for the performance by Robert Plant, upon meeting the ex-Zep vocalist at the after show party, Robert commented on how much the Letz Zep vocalist looked like him, he thought it was 'Spooky; how strong the likeness was.

Plant also commented that he had enjoyed the Letz Zep show. He also said he thought Billy had a good voice, and recommended he should get involved with another project to run along with Letz Zep, and do some original material, as he would be interested in hearing such a project'

Plant has also been reported, when quizzed about possible a Led Zeppelin re-union, as saying 'If you want to a Zeppelin gig, go see Letz Zep!'

Page and Plant send their best wishes

- January 4, 2002

Letz Zep do their first ever handful of shows, and both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant soon get to hear from of the band, and their growing reputation.
They sent a plaque from their latest tour, along with messages of good will to the band.

Both the Ex-members of Led Zeppelin said the were 'impressed' with the bands set list, which included songs like 'Achilles Last Stand' and 'Ten Years Gone' Plant in particular thought the band must be good to have such and ambitious song selection.
Both Jimmy and Robert also expressed an interest incoming to see the band in concert, such is the bands growing reputation.
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