India trip

- November 16, 2005

Letz Zep vocalist Billy Kulke recently followed in Led Zeppelin's footsteps with a two week tour of India, performing with local musicians in Goa, Munnar and to an audience of over 5000 people at the Shimoga Festival. The blond singer had to be escorted back to his hotel at Shimoga as he was getting mobbed! Billy also sang "Going to California" on Kerala's main TV station, to an estimated audience in excess of 20 million people.
Traveling by Royal Enfield 350 Bullet motorcycle (the best way to take in the breathtaking scenery of the sub-continent) also led to a very close encounter with a 14 foot long King Cobra. To see a King Cobra close up in its natural environment is considered by locals to be a fortunate omen which brings good luck. After this remarkable encounter with one of the world's most deadly serpents, fellow travellers could not believe that a 350 Bullet could travel at the speed achieved by Billy that day! Next stop - Kashmir of course...

John Paul Jones in Frankfurt

- January 6, 2005

Letz Zep drummer Simon Jeffrey was introduced to none other than John Paul Jones himself, receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award. Simon had a good old chat with JPJ, who said he'd heard of Letz Zep and remembered that Robert Plant attended a Letz Zep show, and found that amusing.
Simon continues 'He was more than happy to pose with me for a pic, even though I'm nearly ripping his shoulder off with my grip! All in all it was a great honour to meet him and an opportunity I wont forget.'
John Paul Jones wished Letz Zep 'All the best!' and said he hoped to catch the band live one day.

Page and Plant send their best wishes

- January 4, 2002

Letz Zep do their first ever handful of shows, and both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant soon get to hear from of the band, and their growing reputation.
They sent a plaque from their latest tour, along with messages of good will to the band.

Both the Ex-members of Led Zeppelin said the were impressed with the bands set list, which included songs like 'Achilles Last Stand' and 'Ten Years Gone' Plant in particular thought the band must be good to have such and ambitious song selection.
Both Jimmy and Robert also expressed an interest incoming to see the band in concert, such is the bands growing reputation.
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