Led Zeppelin Launch Party

- April 5, 2017

After Jimmy Page and Robert Plant having both attended performances by Letz Zep, and both giving the band there warmest regards, we are pleased to announce that Letz Zep have been personally invited to perform at the official launch party for 'Mothership' - The new Led Zeppelin double CD as well as the newly remastered 'The Song Remains the Same' Motion Picture.

Warner Music Ltd, wanted the very best of tribute bands for this prestigious event,  and have named Letz Zep as 'Europe's best tribute act to Led Zeppelin' and they should know, being the record lable for Led Zeppelin themselves!!

This prestigious event takes place in Soho, London on November 14th and is strictly by invite only.

It promises to be a fantastic night, we look forward to it very much.

Robert Plant at Letz Zep show

- January 27, 2017

Legendary Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant was seen at a Letz Zep show in London.
Interviewed in Q Magazine he said '

'I had heard of Letz Zep, I was told some good things about the band, and I knew how ridiculous I looked then - I mean I look ridiculous now - but I wanted to see how other people saw me.
''I walked in, I saw me, and made immediate eye contact with the singer'' 
"They were playing The Ocean and they all looked up from the stage and I was like God, I've been sussed. "I thought what do I do now? Do I get up and do The Battle Of Evermore with this guy?

He also spoke on VH1 TV about the band, he continued.

'I'm a big supporter of Live music, and if kids today go see Letz Zep, and what they are inspired by what they hear to pick up an instrument and start a band, and go on to create new music, then that is fine by me. The Circle turns'

Letz Zep vocalist Billy Kulke was invited to The Hammersmith Apollo, for the performance by Robert Plant, upon meeting the ex-Zep vocalist at the after show party, Robert commented on how much the Letz Zep vocalist looked like him, he thought it was 'Spooky; how strong the likeness was.

Plant also commented that he had enjoyed the Letz Zep show. He also said he thought Billy had a great voice, and recommended he should get involved with another project to run along with Letz Zep, and do some original material, as he would be interested in hearing such a project'

Plant has also been reported, when quizzed about possible a Led Zeppelin re-union, as saying 'If you want to a see Zeppelin gig, go see Letz Zep!'

Jimmy Page at a Letz Zep show

- October 30, 2016

Jimmy Page was in the audience, for a blistering set by Letz Zep at The Borderline in Soho, London..

Jimmy invited the members of Letz Zep to meet him after the show where they all chatted for a while and enjoyed a drink at his table. He expressed his interest in the band,
Jimmy said he was impressed with the set the band played.

"Stay in touch and keep me informed with what you're doing'"

Jimmy has continues to show interest in Letz Zep and described guitarist Andy Gray as a ‘Cool man’.
On his recommendation his son, Jimmy Jnr, also attended a Letz Zep show recently and chatted to the members after the show reporting his fathers glowing reports on the Letz Zep performance.

The UK's Official Number 1 tribute act is.......

- May 27, 2016

Letz Zep are now officially the UKs Number One tribute to Led Zeppelin - according to the authoritative Ticketmaster organisation.

Who rate the band as both The Most Popular and also The Top Rated, Zep tribute on tour in the UK today!

Thanks to all who bought tickets and came to our shows, and for taking the time to vote for Letz Zep and for your kind comments.

link to ticketmaster reviews page -


Jeremy Clarkson Rocked by Letz Zep

- April 23, 2016

Amongst the sell out crowd of around 400 people at a recent Letz Zep gig in Surrey was TV presenter and journalist, Jeremy Clarkson, relaxing between episodes of "Top Gear". Speaking to the band after the show, Jeremy said he was a huge Led Zeppelin fan and that he thought the show was "fantastic". So impressed was he that he wrote about the evening in his Sunday Times column the following week. He went on to write:

"If you closed your eyes you really could imagine that it was Plant and Page up there. And if you opened them again the illusion didn?t really go away...The lead singer even seemed to have a length of authentic hosepipe down his trousers"

Clarkson told the band that he'd called his mate Steve Winwood during the performance so he could hear some of the show - Steve's comment was "Sounds amazing, wish I was there!" - praise indeed!!

However much he enjoyed the show, Mr Clarkson was less impressed with the mode of transport when he got a lift to the local pub afterwards in singer Billy's Renault Scenic! 

Virgin Media News

- March 30, 2016

10 things you didn't know about... Robert Plant

#4: The song remains the same

Plant might have turned his back on upteen millions to reform Led Zeppelin, but he's not averse to the odd moment of nostalgia. He's personally checked out covers band Letz Zep in concert. They're a London tribute act who were once threatened with legal action over using a photo of Plant on posters, before management realised it was a picture of Letz Zep's own lead singer Billy Kulke.

Part of a story that appeared on a music news item on Robert Plant, on Virgin Media, for all 10 interesting facts, go to -


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