'Live at Wacken' DVD

- January 6, 2019

The full concert, now available on DVD, on amazon. Completely live, no overdubs. Available on itunes - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/letz-zep/269720360
Now available on amazon.de

Rock Legends

- October 20, 2018

After the huge success of Rock Legends and the unprecidented 2 sold out night at the Paris Olympia, Letz Zep return to the French capitol on October 23

Rock is back!!!

They dared to recreate the legends of days gone by, but their courage and dedication has paid off!
Letz Zep are proud to announce their inclusion in the Rock Legends Tour 2019.

RWP have brought word class productions for the past 30 years and Rock Legends is no different.

Three elite bands combine: Letz Zep. The Doors Alive and One Night of Queen, are three of the biggest and most successful tributes on the Planet, bring you songs including 'Whole Lotta Love', 'Riders on the Storm' and 'We Will Rock You' it will be a spectacular evening with some of the best rock songs ever!

With an extra night being announced at the Paris Olympia Theatre, the tour is now 21 dates in France, Switzerland and Belgium.
for full details:

See Letz Zep perform on TV in France Here:


John Bonham - A Celebration

- June 8, 2018

Letz Zep are honoured to be invited to headline a concert in Redditch on Sept 22 celebrating the life and legacy of the great John Henry Bonham.

2018 is not only the 50th anniversary of he formation of Led Zeppelin, but also the 70th birthday of John Bonham.
The John Bonham - A Celebration Concert coincides with the unveiling of a bronze statue to the legendary drummer.
This historic concert is made possible by the tireless work of the John Bonham Memorial, Tickets are 25 and all proceeds to to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

- March 6, 2018

Letz Zep were invited to attend the opening for the Led Zeppelin Celebration Day launch of the DVD recorded at the 02 re-union concert.
Both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have both attended performances by Letz Zep, John Paul Jones also gave the band his kind regards.

Led Zeppelin Launch Party

- April 5, 2017

After Jimmy Page and Robert Plant having both attended performances by Letz Zep, and both giving the band there warmest regards, we are pleased to announce that Letz Zep have been personally invited to perform at the official launch party for 'Mothership' - The new Led Zeppelin double CD as well as the newly remastered 'The Song Remains the Same' Motion Picture.

Warner Music Ltd, wanted the very best of tribute bands for this prestigious event,  and have named Letz Zep as 'Europe's best tribute act to Led Zeppelin' and they should know, being the record lable for Led Zeppelin themselves!!

This prestigious event takes place in Soho, London on November 14th and is strictly by invite only.

It promises to be a fantastic night, we look forward to it very much.

Robert Plant at Letz Zep show

- January 27, 2017

Legendary Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant was seen at a Letz Zep show in London.
Interviewed in Q Magazine he said '

'I had heard of Letz Zep, I was told some good things about the band, and I knew how ridiculous I looked then - I mean I look ridiculous now - but I wanted to see how other people saw me.
''I walked in, I saw me, and made immediate eye contact with the singer'' 
"They were playing The Ocean and they all looked up from the stage and I was like God, I've been sussed. "I thought what do I do now? Do I get up and do The Battle Of Evermore with this guy?

He also spoke on VH1 TV about the band, he continued.

'I'm a big supporter of Live music, and if kids today go see Letz Zep, and what they are inspired by what they hear to pick up an instrument and start a band, and go on to create new music, then that is fine by me. The Circle turns'

Letz Zep vocalist Billy Kulke was invited to The Hammersmith Apollo, for the performance by Robert Plant, upon meeting the ex-Zep vocalist at the after show party, Robert commented on how much the Letz Zep vocalist looked like him, he thought it was 'Spooky; how strong the likeness was.

Plant also commented that he had enjoyed the Letz Zep show. He also said he thought Billy had a great voice, and recommended he should get involved with another project to run along with Letz Zep, and do some original material, as he would be interested in hearing such a project'

Plant has also been reported, when quizzed about possible a Led Zeppelin re-union, as saying 'If you want to a see Zeppelin gig, go see Letz Zep!'

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