The Cream of the Zep Tributes by a mile, Pete Tulloch was chuffed to be asked to join Letz Zep “What an honour!” he said.

Hailing from Liverpool (the ‘Pool’) Pete 'The Beat' has a lot of experience working and recording with many top musicians throughout England.
People have long commented on his ability to mimic the Bonzo performance, and Letz Zep cheerily embrace this into their act.
Pete is the proud owner of one of the original 1970’s Classic Stainless Steel Ludwig kits - there were only 50 introduced into the UK at the time - Bonham famously used one at Knebworth.
He uses Paiste gong/cymbals.
Pete - “The lads are brill, they’ve made me feel very welcome.”

Simon is currently away on paternity leave
A healthy obsession in the music of Led Zeppelin and particularly the drumming of John Bonham led Simon Jeffrey to the drum stool of Letz Zep back in 2000.
An in-demand session player who played on the 2006 soundtrack of ‘Highlander III – The Source’ other sessions including working with guitar legend Bernie Torme, art-rockers Audience and Phil Lynnot’s Grand Slam.
Having recorded and toured extensively with eccentric rocker Paul Roland in the late 80’s, Simon took his live experience to new levels as an ever- present member of Letz Zep through their rise to becoming Europes top Zep tribute.

The Ludwig Vistalite drums roared their defiance up to 2010 when Simon took a break from the band to have a family. Having worked as a drum tutor and studied at the famed Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in Kilburn, London, Simon has once again resumed his role as the driving force behind Letz Zep!
The drums roar once more and the Paiste 2002 cymbals will again sprinkle their sonic precipitation on proceedings!!

It’s a highlight of the show when he plays the drums with his bare hands,tremendous!!!

“It was an April morning,when they told us we should go....“

It was actually a February morning when I asked by Paul Hagan, Artist Relations for Ludwig Uk, to demo the new John Bonham Reissue Vistalite Drum kit at the Frankfurt Music Fair in April 2004.
A cool engagement I thought, little did I know what it would lead to...!
My buddy Jamie Crompton, AR guru of Fender guitars at the time, mentioned a 'very special guest' due to appear at the Fender party and receive a lifetime award!
I'd noticed an unobtrusive, discreet-looking guy checking me out during my demo slot on the Thurday,as I blasted through some Zep grooves including '...Levee', 'Fool In the Rain' and 'The Crunge' et al.
He'd disappeared by the time I'd whacked the 36" Symphonic Paiste Gong to herald the close of my humble version 'Moby Dick'!
As it later transpired, my cautious 'voyeur' was one John Baldwin, better known as John Paul Jones.
I was introduced to him later that evening and he mentioned how cool but bizarre it was, hearing the songs played without Bonzo but complimented me on my renditions and their 'feel'!!
I slipped him my email & mobile number after having my pic taken with him but it seems Jason beat me to it!!! :-)

Simon is endorsed by Ludwig Drums, Paiste cymbals & gongs and Pellwood drumsticks