The Cream of the Zep Tributes by a mile, Pete Tulloch was chuffed to be asked to join Letz Zep “What an honour!” he said.

Hailing from Liverpool (the ‘Pool’) Pete 'The Beat' has a lot of experience working and recording with many top musicians throughout England.
People have long commented on his ability to mimic the Bonzo performance, and Letz Zep cheerily embrace this into their show.

Peter is proud to be invited to perform at the John Bonham - A Celebration concert to remember the life and legacy of 'Bonzo' and to coincide with the unveiling of a bronze statue to the legendary percussionist.

For added authenticity of sound, Pete is the proud owner of one of the original 1970’s Classic Stainless Steel Ludwig kits - there were only 50 introduced into the UK at the time - Bonham famously used one at Knebworth.
He uses Paiste gong/cymbals and Premier tympani.
Pete - “The lads are brill, they’ve made me feel very welcome.”