Shaun is a talented and much respected musician , in true Zep fashion, Shaun handles both the bass and the keyboard roles in the band, as well as playing the mandolin, a truly versatile musician.

Shaun is an in demand session player, performing regularly, and has shared the stage with such notables as the late, great Gary Moore.
when performing with Letz Zep, Shaun opts to take a low profile, letting his music do the talking.

 '"Achilles Last Stand" illustrates just what a fine bass player he is, pounding the driving bassline whilst adopting the rooted to the spot facing the drums stance.'
"Misty Mountain Hop" featured Shaun on keyboards as part of his Jonesy role, dressed in circa 1973 gear (Jonesy! What were you wearing?)'
- Paul Russell
 'He plays the bass with great dexterity, then, in the wink of an eye, he is handling the keyboard role with equal ease. Highlights of the set are "Thank You" with authentic keyboard sound, and the haunting "No Quarter"'
- Nikki Brooks, Hard RoxX
 'He is sensational on both bass and keyboards'
- Bad Music
 'He is a musician of the highest order, as much on the bass as on the keyboards, underlined by his recreation of "Kashmir"'
- Discofagia