A young and talented guitarist who over the years has performed in many various bands all over the UK and Europe and has performed to much critical acclaim in Dubai.

He is an in-demand session guitarist, playing both electric and classical guitar, working on 'classical' and 'new-age' projects.

Andy was asked to take the lead guitar role by John Hackett (brother of Steve Hackett - Genesis) in his band after being seen performing in London and subsequently appeared on stage with John and Steve Hackett and band.

 Andy currently teaches part-time at a music school, continues to perform on electric and classical guitars and spends time writing, composing and recording in the many projects he is involved with.  

Andy brings enthusiasm and skill in performing the guitar parts of Jimmy Page.

' 'Yeah!...Cool Man' - Jimmy Page.

' 'The sound, the playing, very very close' Lionel Ward - Jimmy Page guitar tech.

''' A diamond Guitarist'' Alvin Lee - Ten Years After

Guitarist Andy Gray got out his bow just like Jimmy Page and convinced me I was back at Knebworth'
Antony Pearson