''I walked in, I saw me'' is what Robert Plant himself said after attending a Letz Zep concert.
With a noticeable resemblance to Plant and a voice to match.
The band were once threatened with legal action over using a picture of Plant on their posters, until Zeppelin management realised it was actually a picture of Billy Kulke on the poster.

Billy was invited to perform at the official launch party for the Led Zeppelin Mothership CD.

From Liverpool, Billy had much success in the 80's with his own band, touring with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Roger Daltrey, Uriah Heep and Saxon, to name but a few
It was in fact Ozzy Osbourne who recommended that Billy take up singing professionally after hearing him at sound check one day.

Billy also sang at an invitation only concert in Hammersmith, London, on the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelins first ever London show. In a band including legendary producer and songwriter Guy Chambers, including also Black Crowes/Oasis guitarist Paul Stacey.

After an international search for the right singer, Billy was chosen to perform with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra at the Trusts Stadium in Waitakare to 7000 avid rock fans, performing orchestrated versions of Led Zeppelin classics.

Billy also performed on recording projects with Don Airey (Deep Purple) Neil Murray (Whitesnake) Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy) and Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden)

''The man is insane, the same lion mane as Plant, his voice was made for the songs of Led Zeppelin'' - Regine Buddeke, Maz-Online Germany

'Hey man, that;s some f***ing voice you got there, you must be on f***ing helium to get that f***ing high - Ozzy Osbourne

''Simply more Robert than Robert'' - Hard Roxx magazine