Vocalist Billy Kulke bears a strong physical resemblance to Robert Plant. Originally from Liverpool,  Billy came to London in the 80's, and had considerable success with his own band, touring extensively throughout Europe with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Roger Daltrey, Saxon, Tea Party, Giant and Uriah Heep, amongst others.

It was actually Ozzy Osbourne who encouraged Billy to concentrate on his vocals, after hearing him sing at sound check on the opening night of the  'No Rest for the Wicked' tour,

Billy also worked on album projects, gaining worldwide releases. Playing with musicians such as Roger Glover (Deep Purple) Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy), Neil Murray (Whitesnake), Don Airey (Rainbow) and Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden) to name but a few.

After a global search, Billy sang with the with the 65 piece full orchestration of Led Zeppelin music by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, in New Zealand.

His performance is so convincing that Led Zeppelin's management thought it was Robert Plant himself! Threatening to take legal action if the APO did not immediately desist using a photo of Robert Plant to promote the gig. The APO made it clear that the photo was not of Plant, but of Billy.

Even Robert Plant said it was like watching himself onstage when he attended a Letz Zep performance.Plant stated it was like watching himself onstage going on to say ''I walked in, I saw me'

Billy is often mistaken for Robert Plant, but recently he was in a London restaurant when none other than Bono, from U2, came over and congratulated Billy on his 'Kennedy Award'
Billy is also a published author, with his first book Letz Zep Backstage, having worldwide distribution, also available on kindle the book tells the atory of the rise of Letz Zep from small pub gigs to the biggest stages in the world. Full of humorous stories from backstage from the bands travels, and meeting Led Zeppelin themselves.

Billy also is a guest speaker at Academy of Contemporary Music colleges in the UK.

Below is a list of the songs and books that continue to inspire and influence. It isn't a comprehensive list!As I limited myself to One title per artist!!!! -

  'Do I have to sing the Battle of Evermore with this guy?'

- Robert Plant, Q magazine

'You really do have a very good voice' Jimmy Page

 'First rate renditions of When The Levee Breaks and Going To California gave vocalist Billy Kulke a chance to demonstrate his soulful vocal range as well as the power charged well known screams that Robert Plant was famous for, the fact that Kulke was able to carry this off with such style and effortless power is testimony to his rare ability, Robert Plants shoes take some filling'
Peterborough Herald

'A powerful and beautiful voice' - Le Figaro, France

'Kulke has an impressive stage presence. an amazing voice and has mastered his idols mannerisms' - Deb Shannon Glos Echo

 'Simply more Robert than Robert, some of the vocal screams executed have to be heard, he pulled out an excellent young Plant wail in 'Since I've been Loving You', wo-ah yeah yeah
- Nikki Brookes, Hard RoxX

'Letz Zep pull it off. Not least due to delicious front man Billy Kulke with his fabulous mane of blond waves' - Claire IC Brighton

There is a huge physical resemblance between Billy Kulke and Robert Plant, and Billy does the songs more than justice'
- Discofagia, Spain

'In Billy Kulke, they have a commanding frontman, oozing with presence'
- Folkestone Tribune

Vocalist Billy Kulke commands the stage like the King of the Sun' - Liberation. France